Led light therapy PDT

Led light therapy PDT

Customized LED Therapy
Omega light is the LED device to resolve complicated shin problems with the LED light, It facilitates regeneration and soothing and resolves skin troubles by irradiating lights from 423nm to 640nm. Since it uses excellent and strong high-brightness special near-infrared SMD LED elements, It produces excellent effects, Omega light is the light source irradiation Device which painlessly and safely takes care of risks which are disadvantages of general laser treatments such as heat damage and photo-aging wounds.

OMEGA LED Light Therapy contains 4 different colored LED therapy lights to treat different skin types.

The Red LED light works like a laser, targeting cells beneath the skin’s surface and stimulating them so that they produce new collagen and fight off breakout causing bacteria

The Blue LED light attacks PP-9, producing singlet oxygen. This form of oxygen is very toxic to the acne bacteria that causes acne, therefore decreasing acne drastically with minimal downtime.

The Green LED light affects the melanocytes, reducing its production. Over time, spots simply fade away for a rejuvenated and even more complexion.

The Yellow LED light is effective in the treatment of skin issues involving redness, such as spider veins and is an ideal therapy for sensitive skin.

Led light therapy Advantages:

  • No pain, no side effects, or downtime
  • Remarkably safe and effective for all skin types
  • Non-thermal, non-invasive, and non-ablative
  • Fast and convenient
  • Treats large areas such as the entire face or chest at once
  • No aftercare is needed
  • Compatible with other skin rejuvenation techniques
  • Comprehensive anti-aging skin care regimen

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