Lip Enhancement



Your lips are one of the most important features of your face and say much about you.

With age, lips naturally lose volume and become drier losing their definition. It is now possible with Lip Enhancement to correct these changes and achieve a variety of result

Dermal fillers are used for fuller, more shapely and defined lips

How does lip enhancement work?

The hyaluronic acid lip fillers have been specifically developed to increase the volume of the lip area and make them plumper and more attractive.

Enhance your smile by:

  • Redefine your cupid’s bow
  • Improve definition to the outline of your lips
  • Increase your lip volume
  • Correct asymmetry to achieve a balanced appearance
  • Improve hydration of the lips
  • Reduce the lines at the corners of the mouth


How long will the treatment take?

It normally take 20-40mins, numb cream need applied before filler is injected into the area of lip to be treated

There are different products available for lip enhancement, which can be discussed at your consultation, 


When will I see the results?

The effect is immediate, there might be some swelling and sometimes bruising in the lip area but should subside within a few days.

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